Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bielema/Switzer Comparison?

Ivan Maisel compares Brett Bielema to Barry Switzer in a column on ESPN.com. Not sure I want my coach favorably compared to a man stupid enough to try to bring a loaded handgun onto a flight (he called it an "honest mistake" - only in Texas) but I'd sure take Switzer's on-field success. Amazing that the Badgers are going to be able to come off a 12-1 season with a legitimate chip on their shoulder - nobody gave them any credit for their success last season.


Brad Chopp said...

They didn't deserve the credit last year. Played one good team (Michigan) and lost by 2 touchdowns. At least they beefed up their non conference schedule for next year...maybe not: UNLV, Washington State and The Citadel. Yes, The Citadel. Bucky might score 70 in that one.

matt said...

As I recall, they played and beat 12 of 13 teams on their schedule, including a division championship team from the SEC (apparently not a good team?)

I thought you of all people would be excited about the PAC-10 team on the Badgers' schedule next year...since that conference is so great.

Badger hater.

Brad Chopp said...

Arkansas was a 10-4 team...not bad, not outstanding. In the words of a national College Football guy re: Wisconsin "Don't rationalize a pathetic schedule." If you want to be considered a big boy program, schedule like the big boys do. Heck, even Purdue and Mich State put ND on their slate.

matt said...

You just lost all credibility by busting out Notre Dame.