Sunday, January 21, 2007

Championship Sunday

Quick predictions for the conference championship games...first, it's interesting to note that Vegas has basically declared each game a toss-up. Both home teams are giving 3 points.

CHICAGO (-3) over New Orleans

As hard as it is to bet on Rex Grossman, I just think that the Saints are going to struggle outdoors in the snow against Chicago. This is not a team built for the slow track - they're at their best when their defense is flying around and they can combine big play offense with steady doses of Deuce on the ground. That won't happen Sunday. New Orleans has been prone to the big play on defense, so look for at least one Grossman to Berrian strike - something that worked really well earlier in the season for Chicago. Plus, if the Bears win, I'll have the added pleasure of knowing that super Bears fan Matera will be SITTING ON A PLANE FLYING TO VISIT HIS FOLKS IN NAPLES during the Super Bowl. Tony, I bet your pops won't even pick you up from the airport, 'cause he'll be watching his favorite team play in the freaking Super Bowl! In the immortal words of Beanie - "Real smart Frank. Way to work it through."

New England (+3) over Indianapolis

I can't really stand to watch another New England Super Bowl. In fact, if it does end up matching Chicago vs. New England, there is a very real possibility that I won't watch the game for the first time ever. If I had to bet money on this game, however, I'd take Belichik and Brady over Dungy and Manning in the playoffs any day of the week, home or away. I'll be rooting for Indy, but my head says New England, especially because they're getting points.


Goldy said...

I think this is the Colts year. I figure this is their crappiest team in about 5 years, so it only makes sense that this is the one that reaches the Super Bowl.
In regards to the Bears, I really don't hate the Bears. The Bears and the Packers have never been good at the same time in our lifetime. I hate the Vikes much more. However, if the Bears win the Super Bowl and I have to put up with all the fair weather fans in Racine for however long I live there, then I will hate the Bears.
Speaking of fair-weather fans. Remember when we were in high school and everyone wore Bulls gear? Hey, I don't see anybody doing that anymore. Most people in Racine could die tomorrow and I would be fine with that. Good day.

Bill P said...

My god, the Bears actually won a clutch game. I hope Favre was watching because it is up to him not to allow a Bear repeat next year.

Hope to see some commentary on MU's big win and UWM gaining some momentum beating conference leader Wright St. These young guys are getting some confidence.


Barrett Straub said...

I don't hate the Bears but I do hate FIBs. This morning, as I was driving cautiously in the snowstorm, a stupid bitch FIB hauled ass and passed me - all with her lights turned OFF in white out conditions. Does this relate to the Bears chances in the Super Bowl? Not at all. I am rooting for the Colts because I like Manning and I hate FIBs.

Brad Chopp said...

If Rex Grossman wins a Super Bowl ring, I might never watch the NFL again. Although that would mean Green Bay does have hope for the future....Aaron Rodgers has to be at least as good as Grossman, right?

Nubs said...

BEAR DOWN! Bitches.

Just for your information I am going down to Naples on Thursday and WAS suppost to return on Sunday evening. These planes changed as of 9 am this morning when I called Midwest airlines and paid to have my flight switched to Monday afternoon. The game plan is to at least try to get to Miami, but worst case scenario at least I can watch the game now with my dad and not sitting next to some fat guy taking up the armrest while his obnoxious kids keep kicking the back of my chair on my return flight.