Friday, January 19, 2007

Bucky to Champaign

Quiet local sports scene right now - no Packers, spring training is a month (plus) away and the Bucks are drowning now that it's just Bogut and a bunch of guys. However, the basketball Badgers are large enough to carry the scene by themselves right now, and this weekend they visit Champaign to face Illinois. This has been a house of horrors for Bucky over the past...oh...century or so. All time record at Illinois? 17-66. Haven't won there since '97. Given that it is virtually impossible to win on the road in the Big Ten at certain venues (Indiana and Illinois being two that come to mind), and given that Wisconsin has struggled mightily in their past 2 conference games against Northwestern and Purdue, I'm expecting this one to be a struggle too, even though Illinois is down this year. Don't be shocked if Wisconsin drops this one...

Oh - and Chopp, I've got no problem with top MVC teams getting tourney bids over less deserving schools from the big conferences. Especially now that the artist formerly known as Southwest Missouri State has the Badgers' number, apparently. I've always said, the 3 point shot is the big equalizer in college ball - if a good "mid major" is hitting their 3's they can beat anyone in the nation.

I do hate Gonzaga, however.

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