Monday, January 22, 2007

Brewers Prospects

CNN/ is doing a series listing top baseball prospects. Today's story ranks numbers 30 to 16. Ryan Braun is ranked #29, and Yo Gallardo is ranked #24. With Koskie's injury problems, it wouldn't be a shock to see both of these guys in the big leagues this year.

CNNSI Prospects

CNNSI Prospects 1-15

Goldy, looks like it was a bad time to leave KC. Royals have the #1 and #9 prospects on this list. Royals fever...catch it!


hoophead said...

How does Koskie's health status affect Yovani??

Matt McManus said...

It doesn't, of course. Gallardo might be the best option at the fifth spot by midseason, with or without injuries. My point was, it isn't far-fetched to think that both Gallardo and Braun might be with the big club this year.

Nubs said...

Don't leave out action jackson for the fifth spot McMullet