Wednesday, January 24, 2007

3B Questions

Listening to Jim Powell talk Brewers on Bill Michaels' radio show the other night, Powell did not sound very optimistic about Corey Koskie's chances for playing baseball anytime soon. Not sure if Powell has any insider information (I would guess he might know something that we don't) but the fact remains - I think the Brewers have to be considering other options at 3B at this point.

So what is plan B at 3B? According to Doug Melvin at the winter warm up event earlier this month, Bill Hall will be playing in the OF next year. Does that hold even if Koskie can't go? Powell said yes. Personally, if Koskie is going to miss a big part of the year, I think the Brewers would be stupid to try to plug that hole with either a platoon of Counsell and Graffanino or by bringing Ryan Braun up too quickly. Braun might be able to hit, but his glove is not real steady (there's been talk of moving him to the OF as well). The Brewers certainly don't need another shaky glove in the infield.

Since the Brewers currently have about 8 major league outfielders on the roster, why not move Hall to 3B and put Gross or Gwynn in center? Or can Hart play center? (Note: Brady Clark is useless). I think that is the best solution. Am I missing something?


Nubs said...

I agree that noodle Counsell and Graffanino is a horrible idea, but what else are they on the roster for? In Doug I trust.

Brad Chopp said...

I think Doug is looking long term on this one. A Graffy/Councell duo will buy another year for Braun. Meanwhile, Hall at 3B would mean a Gross/Gwynn platoon would only buy time for….well, another year of a Gross/Gwynn platoon. Melvin must not think Gross, Nix, or Gwynn is the answer long term at CF. And no, Hart cannot play CF. Where’s Daryl Hamilton when you need him?

Matt McManus said...

I guess the question is, are the Brewers better off with Graffanino/Counsell or Gross/Gwynn in the lineup? I like Graffanino - he did a nice job with Weeks hurt last year, but I still like the potential of Gross/Gwynn.