Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Um, Is the Hockey Team Any Good?

Even when Keaton freaking Nankivil is hitting 3-pointers from everywhere, the Badgers can't beat the goddamn Boilermakers. I officially hate that team, and the worst thing is that all of these cocksuckers are sophomores.

Keaton Nankivil

A guy who looks like Keaton Nankivil
This Badgers team officially cannot close games out. It's like they're quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers or something. F*ck.


Charlie Marlow said...

No shit.

How about a team of guys who are scared to take a fucking shot with under a minute to go.

Sac up, ladies. That's your fucking job.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the Badgers, Rodgers is um, good.

greatone said...

BTW I like Purdue, they hustle and play good defense, and aren't cocky at all. I will cheer for them the rest of the way.

Paul said...

Kramer and Hummel suck dicks for money. Just sayin'

Bohannon is afraid to shoot.
Keaton cant play inside, where they desperately need him.
Landry isnt aggresive enough.
Krabby cant score, despite being awsome.
Jarmutz doesnt fit, and the freshman are raw
and that big 7 ft guy on the bench is useless

DOGY said...

Much like Brett Favre, they choke in the clutch.

And the hockey team sucks... and the crowds at the hockey games are lifeless.

Anonymous said...

And Rodgers has something called, um, talent.

DOGY said...

BTW... is Braunie wearing lip gloss?!?!?!

I suppose it's better than Sheets' lipstick.

thecobra said...

Did Bohanan get worse?

Will Taylor start soon?

Goldy said...

This team is killing me. I didn't even watch the Iowa and Illinois games which is unheard of in the Goldy household. They can't play worth a lick as was evident by Purdue's 6 uncontested lay ups in the first half and their offense is brutal.

Time to participate in and/or watch some more road bowling.

Plesac's A Traitor said...

This season sucks. UW can't buy a win, UWM showed their true colors vs. Butler, and Marquette won't frickin lose. Everything is going to hell. At least there's only 16 more days until pitchers and catchers report.

Charlie Marlow said...

Holy shit, Jordan Taylor was the only guy who looked like he WANTED to score. I think Bo's 'extra pass' is coming back to bite him in the ass right now...they're doing it, but everyone thinks they've got to make an extra pass when they get the ball. And everyone's to sally to shoot.

Fuck, and on a night when Keaton Nannkknieinnklvil makes 5 3pt? Come on, guys. You're NIT bound.

grammy said...

is it safe to say all UW athletic programs are going to shit? What's going on Barry?

Goldy said...

When I see Bohannon on the floor right now, I get the same feeling I got when Chappell or Mader were on the floor. And that is not a good thing.

Goldy said...

I also had that feelign with Andres Helmgik.

Matt said...

I get that feeling with Tim Jarmusz.